I'm not over yesterday's rant

I'm still not over that staggering number of 55% increase in food stamp applications.  But something did arrive in the mail today that really cheered me up.  Yup, it's our first submission of Leftovers.  And they came all the way from Salt Lake City and they look wonderful! So, one of your new printmaking heroes should be Stefanie Dykes.  Not only because she is an extraordinary printmaker, she was one of the first to sign up for Leftovers, the very first to turn in her prints AND she's co-founder of Saltgrass Printmakers in Salt Lake.   And if it still hasn't sunk in, she's responsible for getting our work exhibited at Saltgrass this spring.  Click on the link to see a photo of Stefanie and co-founder, Sandy Brunvand.

Which reminds me, we oughta get a caravan of Boize-wah folks to get on down to SLC for the opening.  Whaddyathink?

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