What's a BIMPE?

What's "BIMPE"?

"The Biennial International Miniature Print Exhibition (BIMPE) is held every two years in Vancouver, British Columbia. This exhibition is a showcase for small scale works measuring no more than 15cm × 10cm, and is open to images made using all printmaking techniques from traditional line etching to contemporary digital processes."

And just to save you a little  work, 15 centimeters = 5.9055118 and 10 centimeters = 3.9370079. (That's the maximum image size)  And, if you're like me you've been thinking about all kinds of ideas for Leftovers, and now you won't have to let them go to waste.  Plus who wouldn't enjoy a nice trip to Vancouver?  Deadline is May 1. Check out the website for details about paper size, registration, etc!

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