Think of the best Sunday Brunch . . .

You know what I mean - one of those endless tables chock-a-block full of fruits, omelets of every denomination,  American fries, hashbrowns, O'Brians, waffles, biscuits and gravy,  towers of pastries, boulevards of bacon, succulent sausages - patty or links.  (Had a boyfriend once who thought the waitress said patio links, and he just said yes).  Then just imagine you filled your plate plum full and when you realized that your eyes were really far bigger than your stomach, the server came and asked you if they could package the rest for you to take home.  Would you take it all?  Or would you be selective?  Or would you wish you had had room for that slice of prime rib and those gorgeous slices of mango and the fried plantains and little berry tart that you figured you would get the second time through?

So, think of Leftovers as one of those amazing Sunday Brunches.   Over 70 choices to choose from.  Each one yummier than the next.   Think about it.  It could and it will happen.

Bon Appetit!

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