Lucky for Me!

Some of you may have heard this story before, so forgive me.

While dining out with Kirk one night last spring, he casually mentioned that he thought he had seen a press in a dumpster at the school he was subbing at that day.  (The school was doomed for demolition.)

“Wh-wha-what do you mean, a press?” I inquired incredulously.

 “Well, I think it was a press, it had one of those things on it that looks like that thing on your press,”  he muttered.

“What THING on WHAT press?”  I urged.

 “Oh . . . that turning thing . . . with the metal spokes.

“You mean the wheel, the wheel on the press, the wheel that turns the bed?  You saw a press in the school dumpster and you’re just now telling me right before dark?   “Waiter, waiter, can we get the check and a to go box – QUICKLY . . . ah,  please?”

We ran like Roger Bannister and  Jackie Joyner Kersey to the car and dashed to the dumpster for some diving.  And sure enough, there was a relic of a press in the dumpster. This was a HUGE dumpster (with ladders on the side) and I still can’t figure out how someone hoisted it over the walls of the dumpster as it probably weighs over 100 pounds.   Kirk stood on the grass while I pole vaulted into the one room landfill. The spokes were missing from the wheel, but I found them buried in the bottom.  After expressing his surprise at my sudden agility, Kirk retrieved the press and we both took a side bar and dragged it a few steps, stopped, dragged and stopped until we made it to the car.

As you can see, she needs a little spiffing up, but she works!  I’ve named her Zelda and when you use her you get to wear the Zelda apron. (Another leftover, but that’s a story for another day.)

PS.  Speaking of Zelda, anybody here remember Zelda Gilroy?

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  1. Wow, that is amazing. I can't believe that they were throwing it out. Congrats on the find.