Can you do it?

Listening to NPR today, Michelle Singletary was talking about going on a 21 day fast.
She wasn't talking food, she was talking credit cards and debit cards.  Could you do it?
Could you actually figure out what you had in the way of food in your pantry or in the back of the refrigerator and really use it instead of going out?  Could you pass up the dry cleaners, the DVDs, the take out pizza, the haircut, the manicure, the $5 artisan bread? So, say you agreed to put $150 in cash in your wallet - and then you told yourself this is going to last me for 21 days.  According to the folks that tried, it was liberating, confidence building and empowering.  Let's face it, the money that wasn't spent, was still in the account and that surplus or leftover could be one small step for financial freedom.  The average savings was about 300, count it 300, dollars a month.
I thought it sounded like a great idea.  So, I'm gonna try it, starting tomorrow.   

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