What does the sound of a sigh look like?

If you were writing a novel and you wanted  one of the main characters to take a long, slow luxurious deep breath, then stiffly squeeze up her shoulders and then just push the hell out of that breath from the back of her throat, what kind of a sound would that make?   Would it look like "uuuuuuuuhgnktchhuh" or "hahhhhhkuhhhhchcch"?  Because  I don't know how to write that sound.   The sound that really says, "I'm DONE and what would I do without my two pals that were here tonight to help me organize and collate and package the Solar print exchange portfolio that was due on the winter solstice - December 21, 2009?"  Well, that's the sound I want you to hear before I thank your two Leftover comrades, Katherine Jones and  Linda Schrock who made that happen for me tonight.   

Thank you SO much Katherine and Linda!
(applause in the background)

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