Yes, that is what you think it is

These are remains to be seen.  And this is a photo I took of a chandelier in an Ossuary near Kutna Hora in the Czech Republic.  The small chapel is decorated with the skeletal system of nearly 40, 000 people.  According to the official website:  "The chapel was built at the end of the 14th century and its current appearance is the result of Baroque reconstruction carried out by Santini-Aichl in the early 18th century. Unique skeletal decorations of the interior are probably the work of woodcarver František Rint. Remarkable masterpieces include a massive chandelier, a cross, chalices, a monstrance or Schwarzenberg coat-of-arms. According to estimates, bones of approximately 40,000 people were used to decorate the chapel, creating this unique ossuary – a reminder of the transience of human life and the inevitability of death."   Click on the image to get a closer look at this extraordinary chapel.

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