Nope, couldn't do it!

But I regret it!

T'was almost three weeks ago when I made a commitment to put 150 bucks in my wallet and live on it for three weeks.  No debit card at the gas station, no quickpulloutthecreditcard for that have-to-have book at Barnes and Noble, no last minute stop at the grocery store with the debit card for a jar of capers, a bag of spinach and, what the heck, a little treat near the check out.  Nope!  Couldn't do it!  Just couldn't do it.   And after all, there was Saturday at BSU and I had to park in the Admin lot for the day and I needed my debit to do it.   And how else was I gonna order some ink from Dan Smith?  Send a money order?? I don't think so.  Oh, yeah, and I forgot that I needed to buy a bunch of stamps and the machine at the USPS doesn't take cash and I really didn't want to stand in line and on and on and on and on and on.

So, I'm gonna try it again.  It's just a little over three weeks until Leftovers is due and it would be great to have to not do this alone.   And maybe having just one other person to challenge me to make it would make the difference.  Anyone game?

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