Leftover Toxic Waste

Ew, leftover hazardous waste!

It’s gonna be sunny today and that got me thinking about how I can't wait for spring and then it got me thinking of spring cleaning and then I started thinking about a bunch of the stuff I have stored in the garage that I need to take to the hazardous waste site.  You know whatI’mtalkingabout.   It’s the stuff in the illustration. 

I googled Boise Hazardous Waste Disposal and this is what I found.
Check out all the info here for getting rid of the bad stuff.

Now, of course I know those of you in California, Oregon, Nevada, Utah, Colorado,
Michigan, Rhode Island, Kansas and the British Isles are not going to make a trip to the Boise Hazardous Waste sites, but this could just be a little nudge to find your local site and get a wiggle on!


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